Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Advice from Daddy David

This is an excerpt from an email received today.

Boys vs. Girls:

Breastfeeding: no difference, but no pass here for husbands. The will make sure the husband is awake with her, no matter what time it is. I hope the teeth come later. It is better for all concerned.

Diapers: Boys are easier to clean up after a messy diaper than girls, but the diapers smell just as bad no matter what the sex of the kid is. You will think it is really bad when you introduce meat. Then you will wish you could go back to the earlier foods. As for the environment, screw the landfills. I'm not putting that diaper in my washing machine along with my underwear.

When changing a diaper, if there is urine already in it, watch out for the boys.

Burping: I was really good at it, still am. I even learned how to burp a kid. It's easy. But always put the extra diaper on the shoulder. Always. Did I say always?

Crawling: boys find trouble faster. But even the girl will find trouble after you were certain you had baby proofed everything. Count on it.

Crying: You'll come running every time with the first one when you hear crying. But you do eventually get to where you can tune it out. You will learn to tell real crying from fake crying. we were so used to it with Nancy one time, David picked her up and brought her to us when we were intentionally letting her cry herself to sleep. We did not even know he could pick her up then. We still don;t know how he got her out of the crib. Carpet under the crib is a good idea. (stain proof carpet, of course).

Tantrums: Nancy won. Not even close.

Mistakes: You will make plenty, and if you were not sure it was a mistake, your spouse and close friends will tell you even if you did not ask them. They know more than you. Get over it.

Some mistakes you won't realize were mistakes until you are at the same stage with the second kid. But don't worry. Kids are tough, and they will love you no matter what!

We are proud of you two!
Love, Daddy David

Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Peden...

Was confirmed a boy today. He's got the goods, for sure! :)