Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Beware of Ants

When you pick the perfect spot for the baby pool, be sure to check for ants in the surrounding area. I sat right down in a pile and it literally set fire to my leg. Unfortunately this is what happens when you get ants in your pants...OUCH!!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Beebsey!!! I love you soooooooo much! xoxo

Ahhhhh Summer

Hope you are staying cool and having a good one!


I've realized that having kids means that you go back to having/attending birthday parties. Now that we are getting into our 30's (sounds crazy even as I type that number) we typically don't celebrate a birthday with a big party: themed invitations, cake and ice cream, balloons, party favors, etc. Honestly, I kinda missed the festivities, but I had grown accustomed to having a few close friends over for dinner, and a glass (or bottle) of wine was just as tasty as a slice of sheet cake.

Well not anymore - bring on the party planners and the sugar high of another year gone by. We have attended some of the most fun birthday parties recently. Colin's friends are the coolest (keep in mind they are all between the ages of 0-2)! We have been to parties with petting zoos, parties with bounce houses, parties with pools, parties with the ice cream truck and parties with petting zoos, swimming pools AND the ice cream truck. Talk about raising the bar from my childhood "decorate your bike and ride it around the neighborhood" party. These days, that party theme would get a blank stare from a bunch of kids waiting for the circus to show up and paint not only their faces but the whole town. haha

Well I enjoyed my bike party, and I'm sure Colin will enjoy whatever we do no matter the scale of the celebration. All joking aside, we have been having a lot of fun and my mind is spinning with ideas for how to plan Colin's second birthday party. It's coming up in August so stay tuned! BTW, these picture were taken by the "professional photographer" hired at the last party we attended. ;)

Catching Up on Some Reading

I caught Colin reading one of my Junior League magazines, and looking very interested (I might add.) To be honest, I don't even read the articles as much as I look at the pictures to spot my friends - it's a slow read most of the time. :)

Colin flashed a big smile at the camera when he realized he was being photographed. And yes, he is sitting on the coffee table.

Spa Buddy

Colin's hooked on the day spa! It was bound to happen with my long addiction to keeping my nails perfectly polished. Colin has been with me to the nail shop a few times now, but this was the first time that he wanted to sit in his OWN massage chair with the "mote" (remote control). He even took his shoes off to get a little foot bath (we are in the "monkey see, monkey do" phase of life.) But I drew the line when he asked for toenail instead I painted his fingernails. :)