Thursday, March 4, 2010

Worst Diaper Change Ever

It started out as a messy diaper, and quickly turned into a plain ole mess. Here's a play-by-play:

First, Colin puts his hand in his dirty diaper. Then he puts his hand in his hair. Then his foot slams into the diaper as he's furiously kicking the changing table.

I'm working as fast as I can to contain the mess and keep Colin from flipping off the table. My hand is soiled, and I've used nearly 20 wipes!!! I can't get Colin's outfit off fast enough.

Quickly, I turn on the tub and dangle Colin in the water. He's slipping and flailing out of control. His bobble head narrowly misses the metal faucet. I can't get a good grip on him AND open the soap bottle. I call for help.

David comes running to the rescue. This is how he found us. I think we will be better prepared for the next blow out.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Toy

We are well on our way to turning our house into a kid-friendly place. As much as I hate the clutter, it's fun to watch a happy baby play.

After a trip to Toys R Us AND Home Depot, here is the new toy...

Colin's New Schedule

We have finally managed to get Colin on a nap/sleep schedule. It wasn't easy, but Colin is now ready and willing to take a nap at 10 am and 1 pm. I never know how long the naps will be, but I consider anything over 1 hour a bonus (or should I say, a blessing).