Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First Steps

Colin took his first steps!!! The best part - David and I were both home to witness it. We knew he was getting close, and we constantly joked that it would probably happen when we had a sitter or something. But much to our surprise, the momentous event was watched by all - even sweet Monster. I'm sure she was thinking...oh great, now he's bigger AND faster than me.

I've been trying to get video but it's not easy. You blink and he's up, then down again. However, tonight he took around 5-6 steps, and I was SO excited that I was clapping and jumping up and down. I think Colin may be in the market for a pair of shoes soon. How fun is that?!?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 7th wedding anniversary (needless to say, August is now a big month for us). Seven years ago today, I was a nervous wreck getting ready for the big day. As always, David was calm, cool and collected. But I can attribute my nerves to the fact that I was throwing a party for 200 people NOT because I was scared to get married. After all, I knew that I had met the perfect guy. And now in 2010 he still is the wonderful, loving, handsome "cute Chemistry boy" with the best smile in the whole world.

David makes me so happy in so many ways! I love being with him, and I can't stay mad at him for long (which has always worked to his advantage). We have SO much in common even though we don't like many of the same things - go figure. He can cheer me up and make everything okay just like a best friend can. We can talk, laugh, hug and kiss for hours and hours. He is such a good father, and he is obsessed with Colin (and vice versa).

David is literally good at everything he does, but he's still a very hard worker. He is extremely driven but can still relax and have a good time - especially over margaritas - cheers to that! He is obsessed with games and could play them every night but not before he tucks me and Monster into bed. And on top of all this, he is one of THOSE people who NEVER smells bad. Seriously. xoxo to my sweet David!!!

Love David's infectious laugh! And see what I mean about his smile?!?

For someone who hates to dance, he sure looks happy in this picture.

Honeymoon in St. Lucia - we look about 17 in this picture.

Little inside joke that almost everyone knows about!

Yes, I re-created "I LOVE YOU" on our first anniversary except this time the car was in the garage and there was no wind gusts to confuse the intended message. :) Always find love in the sticks! haha

Sunday, August 29, 2010