Monday, November 22, 2010

Jolyn's Favorite Things

I was SO excited about Oprah's Favorite Things (episode #1 and especially episode #2) that I started thinking about MY favs. From a girl who loves to make a list, here are my picks...

1. Ugg Slippers
I wore these SO much that I need a new pair this year. Put these babies on with a pair of fuzzy socks and you will be SO cozy.

2. Restoration Hardware Throw Blanket
I now sleep with 2 of these, and David and Monster may get one of their very own for Christmas. They are SO warm and comfortable, easy to wash, lightweight and one side is soft and the other is "stay-in-bed-until-noon-if-you-can" soft. BTW, if you can sleep 'til noon I kinda hate you.

3. Mustela Baby Products
Colin's skin was so dry after a couple days using J&J, so I switched. If you have the same problem, you have to try this line.

4. Caliderma Replinishing Cream
The folks at Westlake Dermatology turned me on to this and I've been using it now for years (yes, I even threw out my fancy la mer lotion) and it works great.

5. Hue Jeggings
Dress them up or down - these supersoft leggings look just like skinny jeans but are incredibly comfortable. These are my new mom jeans!!!

6. Torry Burch Flats
I know I'm stealing this from Ms. O, but these really are MY favorite shoes. The signature TB flat - in patent leather - comes in lots of fun colors. I'm still cheering for my UT horns so I got them in orange. LOVE them!!!

7. Harmony Universal Remote
This puts me in control, how could I not love it? I can turn on the tv, dvd, blue ray, apple tv, radio, cd, blah, blah, get the picture...we have a lot of electronics and now I can operate ALL of them with one click. You'll need a technical genius to set it up, but after that it's easy to use.

8. BabyGap Footed Sleepers
Colin spends alot of time in his PJs, and what is cuter than this?

9. Banana Republic No-Iron Dress Shirts
Need I say more? David is pretty picky (anyone surprised?) and hard to shop for, but I think he would wear any of these shirts.

10. My Chi
I have been addicted to this product ever since I laid eyes on it. I even have the matching hair dryer. What would I do w/o you Chi? xoxo

11. Desk Calendar
I still love the sensation of scratching off the days and tasks. Don't show me a palm pilot again, a silly electronic calendar, or a fancy iphone app. Give me paper and pen please. Forever.

12. Crabtree Jojoba Soap
This soap reminds me of taking bubble baths at my grandmother's house in her big jacuzzi tub. It smells fantastic and squeaky clean.

13. Restoration Hardware Turkish Towels
These are the most absorbent and durable towels. David will only use these and he refers to the old towels as "sandpaper."

14. Joe Malone Fragrance
Orange Blossom, you are the scent for me. I could eat you.

15. Softlips Lip Vanilla
I bought the value pack (4 pack) and I'm almost down to 1. I think my lips might be addicted to this stuff.

16. Dog Harness
I call this Monster's sports bra. Stop dragging your dog around by her neck! Get one of these for your best friend.

17. Snuggle Sack
Second only to a warm lap. Okay, so we spoil our dog a little bit. So what!

18. Martha's Mag
For someone who doesn't cook, sew or garden, it's amazing how much I love this magazine. Go figure - I can still appreciate fine living, right?

19. Teeth Whitening
Give me Zoom, Crest Strips, at-home-trays...I love what they do for your pearly whites.

20. Temporal Thermometer
I can't believe people used to take your temperature down THERE! For crying out load, get one of these and that's strictly "exit only."