Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Colin is 11 Months

Colin is a busy bee learning new things and growing at the speed of light. The best thing about 11 months is that Colin is sleeping through the night finally. Can I get an Amen? He is consistently sleeping from 8 pm until 6 am. Other neat things Colin is doing...

He can walk behind a toy or walker
He can stand up on his own
He drinks from a sippy cup now
He gets excited and claps for himself
He is saying words like "ball," "dada," "mama"
He loves swimming and is doing SO well in his water babies class
He can climb up the stairs in seconds
He can turn the bath tub on and off
He is getting to be more cuddly and gives hugs often
He loves peek a boo games
He adores Monster and plays tug and fetch with her

His personality is really blossoming, and his opinions are getting stronger. In fact, he isn't shy about expressing them. I've already witnessed a few temper tantrums (mostly when I take the phone away from him). I'm pretty good at distracting him so that it doesn't last long. His short attention span works to my advantage sometimes too. :)