Saturday, January 2, 2010

Baby's First New Years Eve

Colin wore his tuxedo for NYE 2009! BTW, his New Year's resolution is to sleep through the night.

We're Back!

After a long Christmas break in Houston, we are finally back in Austin. Now I know why God created minivans!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Colin is 4 Months

Our little boy is making big progress...

4 Month Old Colin:
Has slept through the night 3 times
Smiles at people
Laughs a lot
Babbles Constantly
Rolls from side to side
Grabs his feet
Excels at tummy time
Sucks his thumb
Enjoys looking in mirrors
Puts toys in his hands and mouth

Colin's favorite activities:
Bath Time
Playing on his activity mat
Going for walks
Laughing at Monster
Getting his diaper changed
Swinging in the Cradle Swing

Colin's least favorite activity:
Going places in his car seat

We go to the pediatrician for a check up next week. I'm betting Colin weighs more than Monster now (about 13.5 lbs). That means he has literally doubled in size since we brought him home from the hospital 4 short months ago.