Saturday, January 16, 2010

Colin finds his...

Guess what little boys find shortly after discovering their feet? You guessed it...boy parts!

David is trying to deflect the "penis grabbing" during bath time for fear of him permanently injuring himself. I just can't stop laughing.

No pictures this time. haha

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Colin finds his feet!

New Discovery: Feet!!! You should see him get his toes in his mouth. If he could walk, that would be gross, but for now it's pretty cute (not to mention flexible).

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Colin's 4 Month Appointment

Colin weighed in at a whopping 14 lbs., 11 oz. today at his 4 month appointment. What a good eater!!! He is 25 inches long and keeping up with the cool kids in the 25-50% category for both. :)

Something very strange happened today at the docs office - Colin got a shot and he didn't shed a single tear. We were assigned the "Star Wars Room" at Austin Pediatrics. Let me describe this room for anyone who is not familiar - this room is filled with Star Wars toys and posters. There are star ships suspended from the ceiling, shadow boxes with action figures in every corner, and the light sabers are...let's just say, abundant.

Colin is the magical age where he is starting to notice things like this for the first time, and he was in hog heaven (David would have been too). He was looking around in amazement right when the nurse gave him the shot. I held my breath and Colin's eyes got big but there were no tears and no screams. He shrugged it off like a pro!

In fact, he was such a happy and talkative guy this afternoon that our pediatrician said he got the award for "the most talkative 4 mo old." Colin was definitely showing off, and he did so at the top of his little lungs! His incessant babbling was so loud that I could hardly converse with Dr. Miller. We are increasing his reflux medicine to 1 ml 2x/day and other than that we have a happy, healthy, future Star Wars fan on our hands. :)

Please Light My Pilot

We woke this morning to a chilly 67 degrees in the house. At first, I thought our heater was not working so I called to get it repaired. My trustworthy friends at Strand Brothers told me to try turning on the stove (no luck). I confirmed their suspicion that the gas was out, and we were part of an area-wide outage affecting thousands of Austin customers. What does this mean? It's gonna be a long day.

Well today I learned a lot about the beauty of gas and all that it does for us: heats water, heats stove & oven, heats house, heats dryer, etc. I knew we used it for some appliances, but I honestly didn't give it the credit that it deserves! Gas is a good thing.

I've been snuggled up with Monster and Colin all day to stay warm. It doesn't sound too bad - 67 degrees inside. But when you are microwaving water to make baths and bottles, and using a hair dryer to dry wet baby clothes you kinda wish for the good ole' days when you had a working gas line in the house.

Please come light my pilot tonight Texas Gas Company!!!

UPDATE: I can see the repair truck down the street. Should I use the "I have a baby card" to get priority? Definitely!!!