Sunday, September 25, 2011

Colin is 24 Months

Here's what's new with Colin...

- He can put 2-3 words together, and he learns new words everyday (almost every minute.)
- He knows his name "Col" and that he is a boy.
- He tries (sometimes successfully) to put on his clothes, shoes and socks AND he can take his diaper off!
- He can go tee tee in the big potty but prefers to do it in the grass outside.
- He can jump and spin in circles until he falls down and says "dizzy."
- He loves chalk, markers, and crayons. He says "draw Elmo mama" when he wants to do coloring books.
- His favorite places are the park, the pool, and the playground - although he says "stay home" a lot.
- His favorite foods are yogurt, pancakes, pizza, mac & cheese and popsicles ("pops.")
- He imitates everything David and I do and say. He says, "I do it!" almost 100 times a day.
- He likes to play with other kids and talks frequently about his friends: Torin, Whit Whit, baby Char and many others from school.
- He is starting to understand sharing and taking turns (he screams "Col's turn.")
- He likes to play games with other children ("chase" and "seek.")
- He LOVES mama and daddy and will run to us for hugs, kisses and cuddles (we LOVE this too!)

Colin's 24 month doc appointment:
Weight = 24.5 lbs (5-10%)
Height = 34 in. (25-50%)
Head = 50 cm. (75%-90%)