Friday, September 16, 2011

Up All Night

I was really excited about this new show on NBC, but I was disappointed with the first episode. It was kinda dull and boring. Honestly, I'd rather not be "Up All Night" watching bad tv. Did anyone else watch it? I usually like Christina Applegate, but this one might be a dud.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I recorded this clip just to hear Colin say the word, "stickers." It's so cute that I almost don't want him to ever learn how to pronounce it the correct way. Is that terrible? Does anyone else have favorite words that their children say? Oh, another one of my favorites is "please." He says "peas" when he really wants something. That one little word will melt my heart (and better judgment) and grant him just about anything he wants. I'll try to get more of Colin's vocabulary on video, but I might have to translate a little bit.

A Peden Favorite

I showed Colin how to make Rice Crispy Treats today (Daddy's favorite.) It was so cute to hear him run around and say "Col cook, Mama cook!" I think I've tricked him into thinking that I can actually cook.

My favorite part...licking the spoon!

The World Through Colin's Eyes

David likes to gives Colin the Victoria Secret catalog when it comes in the mail. It's a funny inside joke between the two of us because if a brunette is on the cover, Colin always says, "Mama!" If you know me, I am anything but a curvy, lingerie-clad model type. But David always laugh and says, "That's right buddy."

Well this week the catalog came and the cover featured a beautiful blonde with long wavy hair. Colin took one look at the image and said, "Aunt Steppy!" We just giggled and immediately called to tell Stephanie that Colin had paid her a nice compliment.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Beautiful Niece

I'm using my blog as a brag book! Here are some recent pictures of my sister Stephanie, brother-in-law, Chris, and my beautiful niece, Charlotte (14 mos.)