Monday, August 3, 2009

36 Week Update

We had our 36 week appointment today, and we are officially sending Bean an eviction notice for Friday, August 28th. He has been breech now for months and there is very little chance of him turning. My OB/GYN did not recommend trying to flip him for several reasons - the process is very painful and is not a guarantee for a natural delivery. Plus, there is a chance that Bean could be ultra stubborn and turn back to the position that he is most comfortable in (head up) and I'd be back to square one. So I'm going to take their recommendation and schedule the c-section.

David and I waited a record two hours to see the doctor this morning. The waiting room was packed, and I knew we were in trouble when we walked in the door. It was great people watching though - I always find pregnant women interesting: How far along are they? What sex is the baby? Where did they get that cute maternity dress? Or worse, what were they thinking wearing that moo moo? But the best entertainment of the morning was the woman who whipped out her nail trimmers and started grooming herself in the waiting room. First her fingernails and then....oh yes, her toes! What is wrong with people? I couldn't have been happier to hear my name called.

Now for the appointment news! Bean is measuring about 5 lbs 10 oz and is in the 33%. The doc said he was happy with his growth, and said most babies gain an ounce a day the last few weeks. So I'm predicting he will come out weighing about 7 lbs. They still couldn't tell me if he had hair. I guess some things I will just have to wait to see...24 more days!!!

That doesn't give us a lot of time - just 3 more free weekends. That's kinda scary! When I posed that thought to David I finally got a decent reaction! Ordinarily, he isn't phased by my dramatic thinking. But really the only thing we NEED to do is get the car seat installed in my car. Bottles and pacifiers are washed, diapers are abundant, and the baby gear is stationed in every room. I bought a diaper bag this weekend, and David put the bassinet and stand together. The nursery is ready and our house looks like a baby could soon live here.

I know these last few weeks have a reputation for being difficult for a good reason. I feel like I'm stretched to max capacity and the heart burn is getting...well, HOT! Sleeping is uncomfortable but at the same time I'm pretty freakin' tired. So to sum it all up - I'm ready for "Bean's birthday" - it's kinda funny to know the date now. I marked it on the calendar (just like that) and laughed.