Saturday, June 19, 2010

Meet Charlotte Kate Kahl

Introducing my beautiful new niece and Colin's cousin, Charlotte! She was born on June 18th at 12:17 pm. Charlotte is a tiny 7 pounds, 19.75 inches long and has a full head of dark brown hair. I'm so excited to have earned "aunt" status.

No baby yet...

Here she is testing her lungs

Exhausted but happy new mom

The proudest dad

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Colin was happily baptized on Saturday, June 12th at St. Johns Episcopal Church. He loved the ceremony and joyfully babbled the entire time. In fact, when the minister poured water over his head, he splashed in the bowl with his hands and feet. My little water baby almost submerged himself in holy water! It was too cute. He had everyone laughing hysterically. After the ceremony, we had a fantastic lunch at the Peden's house. Colin loved every minute of his very special day.

Anyone notice the missing petit four? I can't imagine who might have taken it?