Friday, February 3, 2012


It was time for a girls trip - I haven't had one of those in quite a while (well in 2.5 years to be exact)!!! Lately I've felt like my position as a toddler mommmy leaves little to no room for "me time"...manicures, happy hours, vacations, etc.

However, I was finally mentally ready to take a trip and leave Colin in the capable and loving hands of dad. So my sister, mom, grandmother and I hit the streets of New York to see and do everything we could pack into a three day trip.

That's right, three days to spend with three generations of women in my family! How rare is that? And let it be known that having my grandmother (who will turn 90 this year) on the busy streets of Manhattan did NOT slow us down one bit. In fact, I had to keep up with HER most of the time.

One night in particular we found ourselves at McDonalds in Times Square at 1 am. I was starting to feel the fatigue set back, legs and shoulders ached after walking ALL day from lower to upper Manhattan. After finishing our cheeseburgers, my grandmother said, "Well, what shall we do next?" This comment immediately gave us all a renewed sense of energy. At least enough energy to catch a cab to get back to the hotel. :)

Top of "The Rock"

Drinks at The Plaza Hotel

Trump Tower where The Apprentice is filmed

Catching a NY Taxi (and living through the death-defying experience)

Carriage ride through Central Park

Learning the subway system

Wicked WAS amazing!!!

The Apple Store

FAO Schwarz to get Colin a NY souvenir (no I did not buy the $250K piano)

The front steps of The MET

The Saks ON 5th Avenue, yes the one with an entire floor filled with designer shoes!

Times Square (at 1 am)

Rockefeller Plaza in front of the ice skating rink

Beautiful and Powerful 9.11 Memorial

Dylan's Candy Shop

Mom's First Cosmopolitan - Cheers!