Thursday, August 27, 2009

"The Cake has an Announcement"

Let's give bean a name already!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Time for a Suburban?

I had to post a picture of our car seat to demonstrate just how HUGE it is in my car. It is the latest and greatest Britax Infant Car Seat - it could literally be endorsed by Volvo! I can't wait to see our tiny 7 pound baby sitting in that monster seat. He'll definitely stay safe, but I can't say much for the comfort of the poor person in the passenger seat who will have their knees in the dash. hehe

BTW, it doesn't begin to fit in David's 2-door sports car. He just laughed and laughed like he was "off the hook" or something. I immediately told him that it wasn't funny, and he offered to go out and buy a 4-door BMW M3. Keep dreaming, Daddy David!

Friday is the BIG day!

I'm having a baby this week! What are you doing?

It sounds strange to say, but only 4 days remain until bean's birthday. I just got back from my last doc appointment. He checked bean's position one last time (no change), and he checked my cervix (no change). In David's words, "It's still like Ft. Knox!" There is no doubt that bean isn't trying to come out on his own.