Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kiddie Table

Colin had some of his friends over for dinner last night. Look at them sitting at the kiddie table like they are all grown up.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


While I'm "blog documenting" I figured I would confess to a little mommy moment that's worth sharing...

Last week I was driving home from Houston with both Colin and Monster. Colin had finally conceded to take a nap on the 3 hour road trip to Austin. Thank God! It's not easy to get him to nap but I continue to try. I like to drive long distances at nap time so it shaves at least 1-2 hours off of Colin's car trip.

Typically, when I am driving by myself I don't make any pit stops, especially if I have both babies sleeping. It creates a logistical nightmare for one person, but this time I had to make an exception. After all, I had been chugging water to combat the 105 degree heat (packing and loading the car at noon is like taking an hour long bikram yoga class). So I had to GO...and BAD.

After weighing my options: 1. Pull over on the side of the road OR 2. Wake Colin up to take a bathroom break. I decided to improvise! (This is where it gets embarrassing). Every parent knows it's not easy (or sanitary) to drag a toddler into a gas station bathroom and it's not safe (or even legal) to leave him in the car alone.

So I made the decision to drive through Jack in the Box and order a large french fry and an empty cup. This way, both Colin and Monster could remain asleep while I relieved myself. Then we could peacefully continue our drive back to Austin. That was the plan. I made an excuse at the Jack window about how I was going to give water to the dog. Was that obvious? Do they get crazies like me all the time? I bet they were onto me. Anyhoo, I pulled into a spot WAY away from all the traffic and contorted myself into a position that was not at all natural and relieved my aching bladder. Success - and I had baby wipes - an added bonus.

I could still hear Colin snoring and my plan had worked. Well almost. I was left holding the bag (so to speak) more like the cup. What am I going to do with this? I am certainly not going to drive away with it in an actual drink holder and risk spillage.

My next step was my fatal mistake. I made eyes at a garbage can and ran quickly to dispose of my evidence. With one click of the door handle, Colin moaned and rubbed his eyes. He was awake! Rats!!! I stopped abruptly hoping he would go back to sleep but the damage had been done. I had literally peed in a cup - in vain. That's a pisser.

I drove the rest of the way back to Austin listening to a Thomas the Train DVD. And of course, once Colin was awake, he made me share my french fries with him.