Saturday, May 29, 2010


Colin is finally showing interest in his picture books. He likes to turn the pages and after he turns the page - he bites it - kinda like a baby's stamp of approval. Colin definitely thinks books are yummy. Just watch out because the corners can be sharp (like getting a Dorito stuck in the roof of your mouth).

Friday, May 28, 2010

Colin is 9 Months

Today makes 9 months and 3/4 of the way to Colin's first birthday. To say that time has flown by seems like an understatement. I'm not sure if it's the new pace of my life (kinda like a P.E. teacher with no lunch break) or the lack of sleep, but this has honestly been the FASTEST 9 months of my life.

It is fun to see all the changes in Colin's growth and development. In the evenings, when Colin is asleep and David and I have down time, we talk about all the new things Colin did or said. He is certainly acting more and more like a person with full-blown emotions and a killer sense of humor that has us cracking up. We each have our favorite "Colinisms" - mine is ga ga. I always ask him, "ga ga like Lady GaGa?"

Colin's 9 month doc appointment:
Weight = 18 lbs 12 oz. (10%-25%)
Height = 28.5 in. (50%)
Head = 47.2 cm. (90-95%)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I was sitting outside playing with Colin and Monster, and we had an unexpected visitor. A squirrel with a really bad die job! Have you ever seen a squirrel with these colors or markings? I got a pic just before Monster scared him away.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Trouble Maker

Colin proves that you can't walk away - even for a minute!

New Baby Pool

We had to buy a soft pool so Colin could safely crawl in and out of it. It seems to keep him entertained...and that's a very good thing!

That's a strategically placed bucket!