Sunday, July 17, 2011

Helmet Head

Sunday night we went to Best Buy to check out new vacuum cleaners. Our current Hoover model "sucks at sucking" (as David likes to say). I can think of over 100 better ways to spend hundreds of dollars - rather than on a vacuum - but it is one of those things that you can't live without, especially when you live with a dog and a toddler.

We were walking out to the car when David and I grabbed our hats (bad hair day for me and a weekend wardrobe staple for David). Then Colin said "hat" and "too" and pointed to HIS head. I think he wanted to be part of the club. Well we don't exactly have a hat or ball cap for Colin. So we looked around and for an adequate substitute and grabbed Colin's bike helmet. Happy to feel included, Colin smiled and laughed and headed to the car all dressed and ready.

Here's Colin at Best Buy with his helmet head. What a cutie! I can't wait until he wants to dress himself - what will he come up with then?