Monday, May 23, 2011

Whistle Blower

I took Colin to Zilker Park's Barton Springs Pool today. It's officially summer and time for some fun in the sun. And you can't be in Austin's 90 degree sunshine unless you are near a freshwater spring.

Colin splashed around in the water and played with his shovel and bucket. This kept his interest for a few minutes, but he quickly grew tired of it. Then he started looking for more physical challenges - like climbing on the surrounding rocks. This quickly got the attention of not ONE but TWO lifeguards. They each shot an evil eye at me, and blew their whistle to scold my little billy goat for his wild ways. Sigh - he's not even 2 years old and he's getting "the whistle" at the pool! We were there for almost 3 hours, and I didn't hear a single other person get in trouble.

Sweet Colin - I'm SO in for it! This child is a daredevil, explorer type with no fear and an insane amount of energy. He will definitely need his beautiful smile and cute personality to get himself out of whatever trouble he climbs into. I'm a sucker for his infectious grin, and I'm sure I won't be the only one (lifeguards aside).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Help in the Kitchen

Tonight was a classic example of too many cooks in the kitchen. David and I had to be careful of who was underfoot as we rushed around making dinner. Tonight's menu: turkey cheese burgers (my favorite) and sweet potato fries (Colin and Monster's favorite).