Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas 2011

Here is a video of Colin discovering his presents from Santa...

And Colin opening his stocking...

One of Colin's favorite gifts - a ramp for his cars!

Another one of Colin's favorite gifts - an ab roller (just like the one he always steals from Grand Beebs.) Later Christmas morning, Colin challenged Beebs to an ab roller race.

Cousin Charlotte taking a break from unwrapping her presents.

Daddy wearing Colin's Spider Man mask.

Cousin Charlotte wearing Colin's Spider Man mask.

Colin's reaction to everyone wearing his Spider Man mask.

Uncles Trey and Tracy trying to put together the new plasma scooter...toy installation is NEVER easy! (And these guys remodel homes in their spare time.)

Colin's face saying, "Is it ready yet? What's taking SO long?"

Mommy and Colin sharing a Christmas cookie.

Look at these adorable place cards from Peden Christmas lunch.

Uncle Will and Colin.