Thursday, July 28, 2011


Recently our family had the opportunity to take a little vacation (or vay-cay, as I’ve been calling it) to Rockport. We have not gone anywhere this summer, and we were due some days of fun away from home. Thankfully, Pappa D and Letty just remodeled their precious beach house, so we loaded up our car and hit the road.

Colin had a blast! We took him to the beach, on a boat ride, and taught him how to fish in the pool. He even found Aunt Fancy's old barbie dolls (complete with the sporty red barbie convertible).

Colin's First Beach Trip

Introducing Colin to the Rockport beach was so much fun. He took one look at the water and said, "da pool." We were camera ready to capture the picture perfect moment. Nothing is more precious than babies at the beach.

His favorite part was the sand and his least favorite part was ALSO the sand. It's super fun when you don't mind being dirty and building sandcastles but when you want to eat a snack or rub your eyes, it can be slightly annoying. Sand + sunscreen = a sticky hot mess. Colin repeated, "dirt" and "mess" probably ten times before we packed up and called it a day.