Monday, April 13, 2009

20 week appointment today

Half way baked! We saw our baby bean at the 20 week appointment today. He is 11 ounces and measures 3 days ahead of schedule. Everything looked great - he is 200% boy and he has all his fingers, toes, etc. In fact, we caught him doing a big YAWN on the ultrasound. Dr. Seeker took the pictures and printed them for us to keep. It was kinda cute and not so "alien-like" anymore. He passed the cleft pallet test -his jaw and pallet are in perfect shape.

The doc also gave me all the paperwork for childbirth classes, hospital admittance, etc. It was an informative appointment. He told us that the last day I can travel is July 24th. After that date, I need to stay within an hour of the hospital (just in case bean comes really early).

As for me, I've gained 5 lbs and I'm starting to feel worms in my stomach. I'm the not-so-proud owner of 2 pair of maternity jeans. Things are slowly but surely getting tight on the tummy. It's still small, but I have a little bump showing. David thinks it looks more like a beer belly than a baby. I think it will take another month or so before it's obvious to people.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter.


Jolyn, David and bean