Tuesday, May 12, 2009

6 Month Bean Appointment

Yesterday was our 24 week appointment to see Mr. Bean. We got a DVD of the ultrasound and everything checked out great. Next time you come to visit, I can play it for you (hehe). The doc looked at all the organs, size, weight, etc. He is breach right now but they told me not to worry because he will flip around a lot between now and the due date. Also, he's measuring/weighing very small (28percentile) but I guess that could change in the upcoming months. My nurse told me to eat more protein. I really hope he won¹t be a shrimpy boy, but I have a feeling that the gene pool is working against him.

BTW, I have narrowed my crib search down to 2 choices. They are very different so I'm stumped.

Here is the first one:http://www.elgrecofurniture.com/nassaucribchanger.html

Here is the second:

The first one is a wood crib ­ painted white. It¹s cute but I¹m sad to say that I like choice #2 better. The second one is an iron crib ­ white again. It is my CLEAR front runner but it¹s twice the price. It¹s so perfect with my existing furniture, and it looks like an antique. It¹s an investment, and it is very sturdy - it would last for bean's kids (I can rationalize any purchase, right?)

Anyhoo, my crib bedding is here, and I need to take it to the seamstress to have the bumper made. I also found a glider that is super cute. There are so many choices ­ too many! My head is spinning. :)

Hope you are having a good week!