Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Week 37 at the doc

Time flies when you're making babies! It's week 37 today, and we're still on track for August 28th. Bean hasn't moved an inch. But he is a growing boy, and he has gained about an ounce a day since my last appointment. Dr. Seeker predicts he will be 7 pounds on delivery day. He also said my cervix is 100% closed and gave me a less than 5% chance of going into labor early. As far as I'm concerned, that's good news. I can't imagine being at work one day and having contractions - or worse - having your water break! Maybe that is yet another benefit of this scheduled c-section.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Anniversary Brunch

Today we ate at one of our all time favorite places - The 4 Seasons's Sunday Brunch. Ever since David proposed there (over 6 years ago) we have made it a tradition to go back for special occasions. Our anniversary this year (Aug. 30th) will be spent in the hospital, so we decided to go early. I couldn't skip it, right? To say that it is fabulous meal almost doesn't do it justice. Imagine: bacon, eggs, omelets, & pancakes...but don't stop there...roast beef, mashed potatoes, duck, ostrich, sushi, crab (just to name a few)...and for dessert...creme brulée, pecan pie, cheese cake AND a chocolate fountain!!! That impressive combination even makes up for the fact that I couldn't partake in the all-you-can-drink champagne and mimosas.

We celebrated with a few close friends who are also about to become parents - Amber, Bill, Lori and Gaines. Coincidentally, we are all due within a week of each other. Amber and Bill are having their second girl, Whitney Gale, and Lori and Gaines are having their first baby, a girl, who will be named Zoie. Both will be great friends for my little boy bean. :)

After brunch, we walked outside to take pics on the lawn, and we were actually asked by a hotel guest if there was a "Pregnancy Convention" at the 4 Seasons. Seriously? You get the strangest questions/comments when you are pregnant! It's like a license for people to say whatever comes to mind. I do realize it looks a little strange, and I've noticed that when I walk around in public I get some interesting looks. But like David said today, "Dude, where do you think YOU came from?" :)