Friday, May 18, 2012

Conversations with Colin

I've been feeling a bit "blogged out" lately. Reason being, I think that I spend all my spare time reading other people's blogs instead of working on my own. However, I wanted to post a few of my recent conversations with Colin. I love hearing his opinions and views of the world, his likes and dislikes and his overall curiosity to learn everything he possibly can in one day. Here are a few of my favorites: 1. "I don't want dinner, I just like ice cream." 2. "Beep, beep, here comes Colin!" (While pushing his Monster truck inches from my toes.) 3. "Monster, don't eat me!" (As Monster flea bites Colin's furry jacket.) 4. "I think I'm gonna frow up." (After reading his book in the car...first time feeling motion sick.) 5. "Dis is Colin, dis is Monster, dis is mama and dis is daddy." (Introducing us to our new neighbors.) 6. "Mama, you need a haircut. Daddy needs a haircut too. And Monster needs a haircut too. 7. "Daddy, my ears are NOT a snack." (Daddy likes to "nibble" his ears.) 8. "I want to drink a bottle, just like a baby." (Two and a half years old and still loves to drink out of bottles.) 9. "I need my friend, mama." (Awwwww.) 10. "Mama, I wuv you. All da time." (Double Awwww!!!)

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